Product Releases


At KoinX, we strive to make our platforms more intuitive for our users. In order to accomplish this, the product, research, and engineering teams collaborate to create a set of features that give our users access to everything they might need in a single location. We want to create products that meet every possible user need with the platform itself.

Every month, we add new features to the platform in order to improve the user journey and provide a better experience. We also add new features to our existing platforms to make them more efficient and secure. December has been a month of highs, and our entire KoinX team has worked hard to develop and release several new features for our users. This blog lists all the major and minor changes from our December release.

Crypto Memories


The month began with our terrific collaboration with BitBNS, and together we released Crypto Memories, a way for our users to look back on their crypto journey throughout the year and be proud of what they've accomplished in the entire crypto space. Many other insights, ranging from their most traded coin to the highest trade, were precisely calculated, handled by the engineering team, and made available to our users.

Cost Analysis


Transparency is one of the core values in which we at KoinX strongly believe. We released Cost Analysis to give our users a better understanding of how their gains are calculated on the platform. It allows our users to closely examine each of their transactions and understand how long they held a currency for, how much profit they made from that transaction, and many other details.

Portfolio Allocation


Understanding which trade or coin in the portfolio contributed the most to the gains is a crucial statistic that every trader seeks and values. To assist our users and reduce manual effort on their part, the KoinX engineering team decided to take responsibility for handling this on the platform by creating the Portfolio Allocation chart.

Multiple Exchange & Blockchain Integrations


We at KoinX value user feedback and take it seriously. Because our users trade on a wide range of exchanges, integrating multiple exchanges onto the platform was a difficult task for the entire team. Nonetheless, after numerous efforts, discussions, and partnerships, KoinX now supports over 9 exchanges and 3 blockchain wallets, with many more on the way. If you believe that one of your favourite exchanges should still be available on the platform, please contact us and we will do our best to make it available as soon as possible because, at KoinX, our users come first.



While there are many mature crypto traders in the ecosystem, there may be people who are new to this and want to advance, and it may be difficult for them with so much jargon everywhere. To assist early-stage crypto traders on our platform, we implemented tooltips throughout the platform to help them understand what different terms or values mean. So, the next time you're perplexed about something, try hovering over it to see if you can find an answer :)

TDS Information


Using the TDS Information charts on the tax report page, you can gain a better understanding of your trades' TDS data as well as accurate tax reports. The graphical representation will assist you in better understanding your TDS-related information.

Minor Changes

  • Support for more trade types: Our users can now see their data for future expenses and a variety of other trade types on the platform.
  • Improved visual representation of various trades: We now have dedicated icons for various trades to help our users distinguish them.
  • More precise Tax Report: To provide users with more precise and trustworthy tax reports, our team made several improvements.
  • Sorting functionality in the Holdings table: To gain better insights, our users can now sort their data in the Holdings table based on various parameters.
  • Better user feedback: We made sure that every action a user takes on the platform is accompanied by feedback, so the user is aware of what is going on. This change is now live on our platforms.