Product Releases


Before we begin with our February release this time, everyone at KoinX has an important announcement to make to all of our valuable users. Drumrolls 🥁

We are now ISO 27001 certified. What does this mean for you? This means we’re now committed more than ever to our users data security. This is what our founder, Punit Agarwal has to say about this milestone:

"Security has always been a top priority & we are honoured that the respected BQSR recognizes KoinX’s security management. We appreciate the trust our users have placed in us & are committed to continuously strengthening our security system.”

We highly appreciate you for choosing us and value you more than anything else. Moving towards our releases for the month of February, the below list comprises of all the new features and changes we made to the platform.

Auto Detect Blockchains


Users will now receive suggestions to integrate all their other Blockchain networks with the same address when trying to integrate any one of them on the platform. Users can choose from the available options and integrate other networks of their choice.

Spam Tokens


We received a lot of user requests to add a feature to filter out spam tokens from the portfolio. We’ve added a new filter to not include spam tokens to calculate tax data, also a toggle on Dashboard Page has been added using which users can choose to show/hide spam tokens in the holdings table.

API Key Integration


With every passing month we plan to add more and more integrations to our platform with easy to integrate methods. To ease the process of integrating and exchange even more we’ve made API Key based integration method available for all the supporting exchanges.

TDS Month Filter


TDS charts on the Tax Reports page has always been one of our users favourite feature on the platform and now to improve it even more, to make it more intuitive we’ve added a Month filter using which our users can see there TDS details for specific months. Alternatively they can choose to click on the bar of a specific month from the chart and automatically set the filter.

Revamped Warnings Filter


We revamped our warnings filter on the Transactions page. Now users can choose between two different warnings, “Can’t find price” and “Can’t find purchase transaction” to filter our there portfolio with more granularity and understand it even better.

Updated Navbar and Footer Designs


All our tools and services are now readily available through our revamped Navbar and Footer designs. Do visit and explore more.

Minor Changes

  • Futures Fix: Future trades had cost display issues for some trades, that has been fixed now.
  • Alphabetically Sorted Filters: All the filters across the platform have been alphabetically sorted for easier access of options.