Product Releases


From seamless integrations with leading platforms like SunCrypto to our commitment to readability with human-readable numerical formatting, this release marks a significant stride in simplifying crypto management. Join us as we continue to empower users with greater control, enhanced usability, and a more personalized experience.

Seamless Integration with SunCrypto: Simplifying User Onboarding and Tax Reporting


We are excited to announce a deep integration with SunCrypto, enabling users to seamlessly transition to KoinX with all their transaction data at their fingertips. With just one click from the SunCrypto application, users can onboard onto KoinX effortlessly, streamlining their entire process. Once onboarded, their transactions will be automatically processed on KoinX, allowing them to generate accurate and comprehensive tax reports with ease. This integration marks a significant step towards enhancing user experience and simplifying crypto tax reporting for our valued SunCrypto users.

Expanding Integration: LBank, Pionex, and BIT


We are thrilled to announce the addition of three new integrations to the KoinX platform – LBank, Pionex, and BIT. With these integrations, users can now seamlessly connect their accounts from these platforms to KoinX, consolidating their transaction data and enhancing their crypto management experience.

Minor Changes

  • Improved Readability Across the Platform: Now, large numbers throughout the platform are displayed in a more user-friendly format, ensuring easier readability and comprehension for our users.
  • Solana Integration Issues: Previously, some users encountered difficulties integrating Solana; however, with our latest updates and bug fixes, users can now seamlessly integrate Solana without any hindrances.