Product Releases


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, evolution is the name of the game. As the crypto landscape continues to shift and grow, KoinX remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of innovation. We're excited to bring you a recap of our latest advancements and updates that are not just transforming crypto taxation, but also enhancing your overall experience on our platform. From streamlined user journeys to expanded integration capabilities, join us as we dive into the future of seamless crypto taxation.

Tax Filing via KoinX Expert CAs 🤝


We're excited to unveil the KoinX Tax Filing Partners Card, revolutionizing your tax filing experience. Our Tax Experts are now at your service, offering professional guidance and on-call support to streamline your tax filing journey. Experience hassle-free tax filing like never before, ensuring accuracy and compliance every step of the way.

Easier User Journeys


Seamlessly aligning with your evolving needs, this update ensures a smoother pathway through our diverse range of services, including exchange integration, insights, tax reports, tax filing, and our exclusive marketplace. With strategically positioned prompts, actions and seamless redirects, your interaction with KoinX becomes more intuitive than ever. Discover a platform that not only offers services but also anticipates and caters to your unique crypto journey, ensuring a hassle-free and enriching experience.

Revamped Tax Reports Page for Better Insights


Introducing a sleek new look for our tax reports page, ensuring a seamless experience for both desktop and mobile users. Our revamped design brings essential features like tax filing, detailed tax information, TDS charts, and core functionalities just a click away. Experience hassle-free tax calculations and insightful reporting with KoinX's user-centric upgrade.

Support for Margin Transactions in Adding and Editing Manual Transactions


Great news for our users! We're excited to announce that KoinX has expanded its capabilities by enabling support for margin transactions in both adding and editing manual transactions. Now, managing your margin transactions becomes more effortless than ever. Stay in control of your financial data and enjoy a seamless experience on our platform.

Support for New Trade Types

We're committed to staying ahead of the curve and ensuring our users have access to the most comprehensive and accurate tax reporting possible. That's why we're excited to announce the latest additions to our trade type support! From Token Migrations on WazirX to Swap Farming on Binance, we're dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in the crypto world. Our commitment to innovation ensures that you can now effortlessly manage various trade types, empowering you to make the most informed decisions.

Support for New Trade Reports

Our platform now supports a wide range of new trade reports from various exchanges. From CoinSwitch’s Tax P&L to KuCoin’s Billing History and beyond, our commitment to comprehensive support ensures that you can effortlessly integrate various file formats into our system. Experience seamless data management and accurate tax reporting like never before with KoinX.

KoinX Now Supports 180+ Integrations


We're thrilled to announce that our platform has expanded its integration capabilities, now supporting over 180+ integrations and counting. With a host of new additions, we're committed to providing you with an extensive network of supported exchanges, making your data management and tax reporting journey even more seamless and comprehensive. Experience the power of diverse integrations with KoinX and simplify your crypto financial journey.

Minor Changes

  • Warnings for Tax Filing: We kept our users informed and up to date regarding any penalties that they could face due to delay in tax filing by showing warnings.
  • Timers: We implemented timers throughout our products to make sure our users don’t miss the last date for tax filing.
  • Helper Videos for Understanding Features: We recorded product videos for multiple features including add/edit transactions to help our users better understand their usage and to empower them with the full potential of those features.