Product Releases


KoinX is thrilled to announce a wave of groundbreaking enhancements designed to elevate the user experience for our global community. Our recent October release marks a significant leap forward, introducing a suite of innovative features and dynamic updates tailored to meet the specific needs of our users. From supporting diverse transaction processes to expanding global accessibility, this release unveils a series of robust functionalities. With these advancements, KoinX is dedicated to offering a seamless and intuitive platform, ensuring users can effortlessly manage their crypto transactions while complying with regional regulations.

Introducing DeFi Holdings Table: Track Your DeFi Assets with Precision


We're excited to announce the launch of our new DeFi Holdings Table on KoinX! Now, users can effortlessly monitor their DeFi holdings directly from the Dashboard tab. This feature offers detailed insights into their DeFi portfolio, showcasing information about lending, farming, rewards, and other trade tokens they possess. With this table, users gain a comprehensive overview of their DeFi assets, empowering them to make more informed decisions and manage their DeFi strategies with precision.

Global Expansion: ATO Compliant Tax Reports for Australian Users


As part of our recent global expansion into Australia, KoinX is proud to provide users from Australia with ATO compliant tax reports. Now, our Australian users can generate tax reports aligned with the Australian Taxation Office's (ATO) compliance standards. This expansion reflects our commitment to serving our users globally, ensuring they can manage their crypto taxes in accordance with local regulatory requirements. Experience peace of mind and accurate tax reporting tailored to Australia's standards with KoinX.

Flexible Transaction Processing: Choose Your Accounting Method


KoinX users, we now offer multiple accounting methods for processing your transactions. From FIFO (First In, First Out) to LIFO (Last In, First Out), and HIFO (Highest In, First Out), you can now select your preferred accounting method from your settings. This enhancement gives you the flexibility to choose the method that aligns best with your investment strategy, allowing for a more tailored and accurate approach to managing your transactions on the platform.

Margin Transaction Support: Enhancing Binance Trading Experience

Binance traders using KoinX, we're thrilled to announce the addition of support for Margin transactions on Binance. With this enhancement, users engaging in Margin trading on the Binance platform can seamlessly integrate and manage these transactions within KoinX. This inclusion ensures a more comprehensive overview of trading activities, enabling users to efficiently track and analyze their Margin transactions through the KoinX platform.

History of Generated Reports: Access and Download Easily


In our latest update, KoinX now maintains a history of previously generated reports for users, offering the convenience of accessing and downloading these reports directly from the platform. This feature streamlines the process, allowing users to retrieve and download their historical tax reports effortlessly. With this enhancement, KoinX prioritizes user convenience and ensures quick access to previously generated reports, promoting a more efficient and organized approach to managing tax documentation.

Expanded Integrations: Welcome Coinjar and Coinspot


Exciting news for our KoinX users! We've broadened our integrations by welcoming Coinjar and Coinspot to our platform. With these new integrations, users can now seamlessly sync and manage their data from Coinjar and Coinspot, providing a more comprehensive portfolio overview. This expansion aligns with our commitment to offering a diverse range of integrations, catering to various exchange platforms and ensuring a holistic approach to managing your crypto assets.

Enhanced Onboarding Experience: Streamlined Step-by-Step Guidance


KoinX is proud to unveil our revamped onboarding flow, providing comprehensive guidance to users at every stage. From entering basic details such as name and country selection, to assisting users in selecting the appropriate tax report type based on their crypto income status, and finally, guiding them through the process of integrating their first exchange on KoinX, this new onboarding flow is designed to simplify and streamline the user journey. Our aim is to ensure that each user feels supported and guided throughout, making their experience with KoinX intuitive, clear, and tailored to their specific needs.