Product Releases


As we step into a new year filled with promise and possibilities, our commitment to providing cutting-edge tools and an intuitive platform remains unwavering. In this release, users can look forward to a host of improvements, including faster data loading times, the introduction of Crypto Bubbles for insightful market trend visualization, and the launch of dedicated landing and pricing pages for our UK users. With batch processing for blockchain integrations and a robust notification system keeping you informed, our goal is to make your journey with KoinX even more seamless.

KoinX Now in the Japan: Explore our Pricing Plans


Great news for our Japan users! KoinX is thrilled to announce our presence in the Japan. Head over to this page (opens in a new tab) to discover a tailored experience showcasing all the services we offer, along with detailed insights into our pricing plans. Whether you're new to KoinX or a seasoned user, this page is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of our offerings specifically curated for the Japan market. From detailed service breakdowns to transparent pricing structures, everything you need to know is just a click away. Welcome to a localized KoinX experience, crafted with our Japan users in mind.

"Treat Crypto to Crypto Swaps as Taxable" Settings


In our ongoing commitment to empower users with greater control over their crypto tax obligations, KoinX is proud to unveil a new tax setting: "Treat Crypto to Crypto Swaps as Taxable." This feature puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to decide whether you want crypto-to-crypto swaps to be treated as taxable events or not. With this setting, you can align your tax strategy with your trading preferences, ensuring a tailored and transparent approach to your crypto tax reporting. At KoinX, we believe in providing flexibility and control, and this new setting is another step in our mission to empower users in managing their crypto portfolios efficiently.

KoinX Recon Platform


KoinX proudly unveils its groundbreaking B2B reconciliation platform, catering to exchanges and custody platforms for comprehensive reconciliation of crypto transaction balances and transactions. This innovative solution signifies a significant leap forward in ensuring accuracy and efficiency within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, bolstering the integrity of financial processes for our clients. If this is a usecase that suits your requirements, please reach out to us at