Product Releases


As we step into a new year filled with promise and possibilities, our commitment to providing cutting-edge tools and an intuitive platform remains unwavering. In this release, users can look forward to a host of improvements, including faster data loading times, the introduction of Crypto Bubbles for insightful market trend visualization, and the launch of dedicated landing and pricing pages for our UK users. With batch processing for blockchain integrations and a robust notification system keeping you informed, our goal is to make your journey with KoinX even more seamless.

Expanding Possibilities: 100+ Blockchain Integrations Now Onboard


In a significant stride towards offering unparalleled flexibility, KoinX is excited to announce the availability of over 100 blockchain integrations on our platform. Users can now seamlessly integrate their wallets from a vast array of blockchain networks, unlocking a world of possibilities for managing their crypto assets. This expansive integration ensures that users have the freedom to connect and synchronize their holdings from diverse blockchain environments, providing a comprehensive and unified view of their entire crypto portfolio.

Breaking New Ground: KoinX Now Supports Plasma Deposits on Matic

KoinX is proud to announce its latest feature – support for Plasma deposits on the Matic network. This integration brings added versatility to our platform, allowing users to seamlessly manage and track their Plasma deposits on Matic through KoinX. Whether you're involved in decentralized finance (DeFi), staking, or various other activities leveraging Matic's scalability, KoinX now offers a unified space for comprehensive portfolio management.

Precision Processing: Enhanced Accuracy for Binance Users

KoinX now supports new transaction types in the Binance ecosystem, especially in the margin transactions space. This means that the transaction data of Binance users will undergo even more precise processing, ensuring that relevant rows are accurately identified and included in tax calculations. Our commitment to accuracy extends to covering a broader spectrum of trade types, addressing previously overlooked transactions.

Stay Informed: Notifications for Seamless Integration


We've rolled out a brand-new notification system, starting with a feature that keeps you in the loop. Now, users receive instant notifications upon the completion of wallet integrations. These notifications are designed to provide a quick and easy way for users to check the status of their transactions. What's more, we've included a redirect link within the notifications, ensuring users can swiftly navigate to the summary page. Here, they can gain insights into the processing status of their transaction data, ensuring a transparent and error-free experience. While this marks the initial step, rest assured, as we plan to extend the capabilities of our notification system, bringing even more valuable insights and updates directly to you.

Global Experience: Country-Based Fiscal Year Handling

This means that users from different countries will now experience a more intuitive and localized platform, with timestamps aligned to their specific regions. Moreover, our robust system now adeptly manages fiscal years according to the financial regulations of each country, ensuring that data is displayed accurately and in sync with the respective financial cycles. This is a significant stride towards catering to the unique needs of users worldwide.

KoinX Now in the UK: Explore our Pricing Plans


Great news for our UK users! KoinX is thrilled to announce our presence in the UK. Head over to this page (opens in a new tab) to discover a tailored experience showcasing all the services we offer, along with detailed insights into our pricing plans. Whether you're new to KoinX or a seasoned user, this page is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of our offerings specifically curated for the UK market. From detailed service breakdowns to transparent pricing structures, everything you need to know is just a click away. Welcome to a localized KoinX experience, crafted with our UK users in mind.

Visualize Crypto Market Trends: KoinX Crypto Bubbles


This intuitive tool allows users to effortlessly check and track the price movements of various coins and their variants over the last 24 hours, 1 hour, and 7 days. With Crypto Bubbles (opens in a new tab), visualizing market trends becomes a breeze, offering a comprehensive and insightful overview of the crypto landscape. Dive into the world of cryptocurrencies with this user-friendly tool, providing real-time data at your fingertips. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with KoinX Crypto Bubbles, our latest addition to empower users in their crypto journey.