Product Releases


KoinX is thrilled to unveil our latest suite of innovations and enhancements in our November release, marking another milestone in revolutionizing the crypto taxation experience. With a focus on user empowerment and seamless functionality, this release introduces a plethora of groundbreaking features. From empowering users with Account Settings for complete portfolio customization to unveiling the Portfolio Graphs offering valuable insights, this release is designed to elevate the user experience to new heights. Moreover, our revamped loading page, enriched with interesting crypto facts, ensures an engaging waiting experience. These updates underscore our commitment to providing a comprehensive, intuitive, and user-centric platform for managing crypto assets.

Refined Spam Token Detection: Strengthening Portfolio Integrity

We've upgraded our spam token detection system to significantly enhance accuracy in identifying and isolating spam tokens that may impact your portfolio and tax reports. This improvement ensures a more precise assessment, allowing for the segregation of these tokens to provide you with a clearer and more accurate representation of your portfolio. Rest assured, this upgrade underscores our commitment to maintaining the integrity and accuracy of your crypto assets and taxation records.

Simplified File Upload: Introducing Single File Input with Auto-Detection


KoinX has revolutionized the trade report upload process by introducing a single file input field with auto-detection capabilities. Now, users can effortlessly upload or drag and drop all their necessary trade reports into a single input area. Our advanced system automatically detects and processes the transaction data, eliminating the need for users to navigate or understand which report belongs where. This upgrade streamlines the entire process, ensuring seamless data integration and providing users with a more intuitive and efficient experience when managing their crypto transactions.

Visualizing Portfolio Trends: Introducing Portfolio Graphs on Dashboard


Portfolio Graphs on the Dashboard page, providing users with valuable insights into the fluctuations of their invested and current amounts over time. This new feature offers a dynamic graphical representation, allowing users to visualize changes in their portfolio's value effortlessly. With filters available for weekly, daily, and monthly views, users can observe and analyze different patterns, gaining a deeper understanding of their portfolio's performance. Empowering users with these comprehensive insights aligns with our commitment to facilitating informed decision-making and a more nuanced approach to managing their crypto investments.

Empowering User Control: Introducing Account Settings for Portfolio Management


With this feature, users now have the autonomy to tailor their portfolio preferences according to their individual needs. Whether it's choosing to treat Airdrops as Income or selecting how Other Gains should be treated (such as Capital Gains), users can fine-tune these settings to align with their taxation and investment strategies. Moreover, the flexibility to select an accounting method from options like LIFO, FIFO, HIFO and Average Cost further empowers users to manage their portfolios in a manner that best suits their preferences and financial objectives.

Enhanced Customer Support: Introducing New Chat and Ticket Management System


The new chat feature offers better support, enabling instant communication with our support team for quick issue resolution. Additionally, our improved ticket management system ensures that all your queries and concerns are systematically addressed, allowing for better tracking and resolution. We're committed to offering unparalleled customer service, and this enhancement is aimed at providing you with a more responsive and seamless support experience.

Enhanced Loading Experience: Elevating Knowledge with Crypto Facts


We're excited to introduce a revamped loading page that offers more than just wait time. Now, while users await the processing of their transactions within our system, they'll also have the opportunity to expand their crypto knowledge base. The loading page features interesting and insightful crypto-related facts, providing users with valuable information and tidbits about the crypto world. This enhancement aims to not only alleviate wait times but also enrich the user experience by offering educational content.