Product Releases


As we bid farewell to the year, KoinX is thrilled to announce our December release, marking a culmination of a year filled with innovation and user-centric enhancements. This release stands as a testament to our commitment to evolving alongside our users' needs, offering an array of cutting-edge features and improvements. From empowering users with specialized tax calculators for Australia and the UK to the introduction of the Choose Country Page for personalized experiences, this release is a testament to our dedication to providing tailored solutions. With a revamped settings page offering greater customization options and an enhanced loading page enriching user waiting experiences, KoinX continues to redefine crypto management, ensuring a seamless, informative, and personalized journey for all our users.

Enhanced Tax Settings: Elevating User Experience and Customization


In our ongoing commitment to user-centric innovation, offering users a more intuitive and seamless navigation experience through their profiles, tax and transaction settings. This overhaul brings forth a host of new settings, providing enhanced customizability to suit individual preferences. Users now have the flexibility to redefine their tax year's beginning, modify their timezone for accurate data representation, and even select their display currency, enabling them to view their data in their preferred currency. These additions empower users with greater control and personalization, ensuring a tailored experience that aligns perfectly with their unique needs and preferences. At KoinX, we're dedicated to continually enhancing our platform to deliver the utmost user satisfaction and convenience.

Introducing Australian Tax Calculator: Your Free Tool for Accurate Tax Insights


Exciting news for our Australian users! KoinX is proud to unveil a dedicated Tax Calculator tailored specifically for our Australian audience, available completely free of charge. This powerful tool empowers users to gain accurate insights into their tax liabilities, providing clarity and ease in managing their crypto taxes. Alongside the calculator, users can access valuable information on Australian tax laws, ensuring informed decisions and compliance with local regulations. At KoinX, we're committed to offering more than just a calculator; it's an educational resource combined with a practical tool, enabling users to navigate their tax obligations with confidence and precision.

Check it out here: Australia Tax Calculator (opens in a new tab)

Introducing UK Tax Calculator: Simplifying Taxation for UK Users


KoinX is delighted to introduce our new UK Tax Calculator. This user-friendly tool is specifically designed to assist our UK audience in accurately calculating their crypto-related tax obligations. Completely accessible and free to use, the calculator aims to simplify the complexities of taxation by offering a clear breakdown of tax liabilities. Moreover, users can benefit from comprehensive information and guidance related to UK tax laws, ensuring compliance and informed decision-making. With this release, KoinX reaffirms its dedication to empowering users worldwide with tools and resources for streamlined tax management.

Check it out here: UK Tax Calculator (opens in a new tab)

Introducing Choose Country Page: Tailored Access to KoinX Worldwide


This intuitive page offers a comprehensive view of the countries where KoinX is currently accessible (Also, we’re coming to a lot of countries soon!). By selecting their preferred country, users can access a curated experience, gaining insights into popular integrations, specialized pricing plans, and other relevant details unique to that region. This addition underscores our commitment to providing a personalized and user-centric platform, ensuring that users worldwide can access tailored resources and offerings based on their location, enhancing their crypto management journey with KoinX.