Product Releases


In our August release, we've rolled out a series of enhancements and fixes that underscore our unwavering commitment to providing you with the most efficient and accurate crypto management platform. From speeding up integration times for large traders to introducing multiple file uploads, multi-filter functionality, and support for Dust Conversion Trades on WazirX, we're here to empower you. We've also paid meticulous attention to detail by addressing issues like missing prices in BSC and other blockchains. With KoinX, your crypto management experience is not just about data; it's about precision, efficiency, and control.

Quicker Integration Times for Large Traders ⚡

At KoinX, we believe in empowering all our users, regardless of the scale of their crypto operations. That's why we're excited to announce a significant performance enhancement tailored especially for large traders. Our optimized algorithms now ensure that those with over 1 lakh transactions experience integration times slashed by an impressive 50%. With KoinX, large-scale traders can now streamline their data management like never before, making their crypto journey not just efficient but lightning-fast.

Multiple File Upload


We understand that managing your crypto data should be both efficient and convenient. That's why we're excited to unveil our latest feature – Multiple File Upload. Now, users can effortlessly upload multiple files at once, and we'll seamlessly integrate them all in a single, time-saving process. No more uploading each file separately for an exchange. Experience the convenience of streamlined data management with KoinX, where efficiency meets simplicity.

Multi-filter Support on Transaction Filters


Your quest for deeper insights into your crypto transactions just got even more powerful with KoinX's new Multi-Filter feature. Now, users can easily multi-select filters when refining transaction data. This innovative functionality empowers you to experiment with different filter combinations, enabling you to uncover a multitude of valuable insights. With KoinX, your crypto data is not just data; it's a gateway to informed decision-making.

TDS Details in Add/Edit Transaction Popup


At KoinX, we're all about putting control in your hands. Now, managing your Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) details is easier than ever. With our latest feature, you can seamlessly incorporate TDS information while either manually adding new transactions or editing existing ones. This enhancement ensures that your transaction records are not just comprehensive but also tax-compliant, making your crypto journey even more hassle-free.

Minor Changes

  • Support for Dust Conversion Trades in WazirX: Say goodbye to those fractional tokens and unutilized assets as our platform empowers you to manage and convert them effortlessly.
  • Solana Fixes: We've made significant enhancements to our Solana integration. Not only have we expanded our list of supported tokens, but we've also addressed any inaccuracies regarding transaction amounts.
  • Missing Price Issues in BSC and Other Blockchains: We believe that every transaction detail should be readily accessible for our users. We've recently resolved the "Price not found" issue that some users encountered for certain tokens in BSC and other blockchains.