We hear you

Crypto tax submission can be extremely complex and time-consuming. For businesses and individuals. Keeping track of dates and details of transactions, the value of different cryptocurrencies at various points in time, gains and losses from sales and transfer of holdings…the list goes on. And finally, when it’s time to bring it together for tax filing, all hell breaks loose.

What is KoinX?

The very idea of KoinX is to keep crypto tax submission simple. With our advanced software platform and a full suite of user-friendly features keeping a tab on all your crypto transactions will be a breeze. So go ahead and monitor your activities, automatically import data from exchanges and wallets, customize tax reporting categories and keep an eye on gains and losses in real-time. Just with the click of a few buttons. Simple right?

This is why you need us

If you’ve struggled while manually feeding and organizing all your data before tax season comes knocking at your door then you definitely need KoinX. Just connect your exchanges and wallets and leave the rest to us. How many transactions you’ve had in the past or how much you’re presently holding in multiple cryptocurrencies doesn’t matter. We’ll get it done in minutes. Oh, and also, apart from saving you tons of time we offer a range of nifty tools and resources to help you understand your tax obligations and report everything accurately. Get instant access to a library of tax guidance articles, and interact one-on-one with our in-house team of tax experts for personalized assistance. Simply incredible, isn’t it?